Individuals by surname: McIntyre - McNary, Jerusha

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Cecil McIntyre
Genie McIntyre

Anthony McKale
Catherine McKale
John McKale
Kenneth McKale (Birth: 29 May 1911; Death: January 1987)
Marcella McKale (Birth: about 1915)
Mary E. McKale
Michael McKale
Norah McKale
Robert E. McKale (Birth: 1917)
William Aloyius McKale

Viola McKnight

McNary, Alice - McNary, Jerusha
Alice E. McNary (Birth: about 1869)
Angeline McNary (Birth: about 1841)
Anna McNary (Birth: 1778)
Archibald H. "Archie" McNary (Birth: about 1874)
Burton McNary (Birth: about 1872)
Burton McNary (Birth: about 1925)
Caroline Whiting McNary (Birth: about 1843)
Charles M. McNary (Birth: about 1845)
Clarence McNary (Birth: about 1848)
Daniel McNary (Birth: about 1783)
David McNary (Birth: about 1680)
Dennis McNary (Birth: about 1725; Death: 2 November 1758)
Elizabeth McNary (Birth: about 1785)
Frederick McNary (Birth: 1813; Death: 1813)
George McNary (Birth: 1784; Death: 1827)
George F. McNary (Birth: about 1837)
George F. McNary (Birth: 16 August 1866)
Harold Morton McNary (Birth: 27 February 1891; Death: February 1970)
James McNary (Birth: 1775)
Jerusha McNary (Birth: 19 October 1813)

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