Individuals by surname: Mason, Samuel - Matthews

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Mason, Samuel - Mason, Thankful
Samuel Mason (Birth: 12 February 1656/7; Death: 1743)
Sarah Mason (Birth: 1658; Death: 1659)
Thankful Mason (Birth: 1672; Death: 1743)

Elisha Joseph Massey (Birth: 1853; Death: 29 May 1905)
Gustavus R. Roland Massey (Birth: 10 July 1875; Death: 1940)
Jay Bounds Massey (Birth: 23 February 1918; Death: 1 October 2003)
Lennie Massey (Birth: 1879)

Dafydd Mathew (Birth: about 1411; Death: after 1494)
Janet Mathew (Birth: about 1465)
Thomas I Mathew (Birth: 1438; Death: 1470)

Albert A. Mathewson
Elizabeth Mathewson
Fannie Mathewson

Antha Matteson
Charles M. Matteson
Hannah Matteson
Job Matteson
Mercy Matteson
Olliver S. Matteson

George Matthews
Sarah Matthews

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