Individuals by surname: Ledford - Lewis, Jr.

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Elva Ledford

Helen LeFebre (Birth: 1913)
Jean LeFebre (Birth: 5 November 1904; Death: December 1970)
Walter Scott LeFebre (Birth: 21 January 1881)

Elizabeth Legro

Katharine Leigh

Waldemar H. Lein

Lydia Leland

Addison Leonard (Birth: 30 December 1782; Death: 27 December 1861)
Job Strong [Patriot] Leonard (Birth: 1740; Death: 1821)
Lucina Polly Leonard (Birth: 18 April 1822; Death: 7 July 1888)

Mary Levit (Death: before 1683)

Lewis, Anne - Lewis, Jr.
Anne Lewis
Charles Lewis
Curtis Lewis
Edmund Sir Lewis
Elizabeth Lewis (Death: 1747)
Elizabeth Lewis (Birth: 1769)
Elizabeth Lewis (Birth: 1769; Death: 1788)
Elnora Lewis (Birth: 15 March 1887; Death: before 1997)
Fourchildren Lewis
Isabella Lewis
Jane Lewis
Jane Lewis
Jane Lewis (Birth: 1770)
John Lewis
John Lewis
John Lewis
John Lewis
John Lewis
John Col. Councillor Lewis (Birth: 1669; Death: 1745)
Jr. Howell Lewis (Birth: 20 January 1847)

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