Individuals by surname: Larcher - LeCount

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Lucy Larcher

Emaline Larkham
Hannah Larkham
Lott Larkham
William Larkham

Ernest Robert LaSalle (Birth: between 1800 and 1829; Death: before 1856)

Marion Lattimer

Lydia Laurie

Ada Lawry (Birth: 8 January 1906)
Unknown Lawry (Birth: about 1908)

Le Boteler
Edmund Le Boteler (Birth: 1271; Death: 13 September 1321)
James Earl of Ormond Le Boteler (Birth: 1304)
Theobald Le Boteler (Birth: 1242; Death: 26 September 1285)
Theobald Chief Butler of Ireland Le Boteler (Birth: 1216; Death: 1248)
Theobald "le Butzllen" Le Boteler (Birth: about 1199; Death: 19 July 1230)

Le Vavasour
Maud Le Vavasour
Robert Le Vavasour

Bruna Leban (Birth: 26 April 1911)

Addell LeCount (Birth: 1869)
Hellen Agnes LeCount (Birth: 1864; Death: 23 April 1887)
John LeCount (Birth: 1872)
William LeCount (Birth: 1866)
William V. LeCount (Birth: 1825)

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