Individuals by surname: Holmes - Hopkins

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Anne Holmes (Birth: 1695; Death: 11 March 1735/6)
Branson Perry Holmes (Birth: 13 January 1826; Death: 10 December 1870)
Florence E. Holmes (Birth: January 1863; Death: 18 June 1932)
Frank Holmes (Birth: about 1901)
Frank W. Holmes (Birth: about 1857)
George Holmes
James Lt. Holmes
Mary R. Holmes
Samuel Holmes
Viella E. Holmes

Daisy M. Holston (Birth: 1880)

Honor (Death: 1619)

Ann Hopkins
Daniel Hopkins (Death: 1763)
Dinah Hopkins
Elizabeth Hopkins
Ishabod Hopkins (Birth: 1669; Death: 1730)
Joseph Hopkins
Sarah Hopkins (Birth: 1719; Death: 1815)
Theadosia Hopkins (Birth: 1718)
Theodora Hopkins
Thomas Hopkins

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