Individuals by surname: Hart - Hartshorn, Thomas

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Adella Hart

Fredrika Hartsell

Hartshorn, Amy - Hartshorn, Thomas
Amy Anne Hartshorn
Anna Hartshorn
Davis Hartshorn (Birth: 1762)
Effie Geneva Hartshorn (Birth: July 1874)
George Hartshorn (Birth: 25 July 1821; Death: 14 July 1863)
George Walter Hartshorn (Birth: 10 July 1846; Death: 11 February 1929)
Hannah Hartshorn (Birth: 12 May 1797; Death: 27 January 1878)
Jacob Hartshorn
Jennie May Hartshorn (Birth: about 1875)
Joseph Hartshorn
Joseph Hartshorn (Birth: 1652)
Mordecai Hartshorn
Phoebe Ann Hartshorn
Rebecca Hartshorn
Reb's Hartshorn
Robert H. Hartshorn
Samuel Hartshorn
Sarah "Sadie" Florence Hartshorn (Birth: 5 January 1878; Death: 11 December 1947)
Seth L. Hartshorn (Birth: 1794)
Thomas Hartshorn (Birth: about 1614; Death: about 1683)
Thomas Hartshorn (Birth: 1695)
Thomas Hartshorn (Birth: about 1724)

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