Enid Dorothy Arnold  ‎(I985)‎
Enid Dorothy Arnold

Gender: FemaleFemale

Death: Broadstairs, Kent, England

Personal Facts and Details
Education degree from Oxford

Marriage William Frederick Sargisson - after 1933
Death Broadstairs, Kent, England

Reference Number 985
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Immediate Family  (F89)
William Frederick Sargisson
1884 - 1980

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Close Relatives
Family with William Frederick Sargisson
William Frederick Sargisson ‎(I155)‎
Birth 9 January 1884 24 23 London, Middlesex, England
Death 1980 ‎(Age 95)‎ Broadstairs, Kent, England
Enid Dorothy Arnold ‎(I985)‎
Death Broadstairs, Kent, England

Marriage: after 1933