Sarah Tilden  ‎(I4141)‎
Sarah Tilden

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: England
Death: North Carolina

Personal Facts and Details
Birth England

Marriage George Sutton - 13 March 1636 Scituate, Plymouth Colony, Ma

Death North Carolina

Reference Number 4141
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Immediate Family  (F1609)
George Sutton
Juliana Little
1595 -

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Close Relatives
Family with George Sutton
George Sutton ‎(I4140)‎
Birth Tenterden, Kent, England
Death Perquimans, North Carolina
Sarah Tilden ‎(I4141)‎
Birth England
Death North Carolina

Marriage: 13 March 1636 -- Scituate, Plymouth Colony, Ma
-41 years
Juliana Little ‎(I4139)‎
Birth 1595 Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts