Orsena F. Smith  ‎(I2725)‎
Orsena F. Smith

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: April 1838 PA

Personal Facts and Details
Birth April 1838 PA

Marriage John Swinton - about 1878
Reference Number 2725
Reference Number John Swinton - 35737

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Parents Family  (F1061)
Orsena F. Smith
1838 -

Immediate Family  (F1084)
John Swinton
1829 - 1901

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Family with Parents
Orsena F. Smith ‎(I2725)‎
Birth April 1838 PA
Family with John Swinton
John Swinton ‎(I2722)‎
Birth 12 December 1829 Salton, Haddingtonshire, Scotland
Death 15 December 1901 ‎(Age 72)‎ age 72 Brooklyn, Kings, NY
8 years

Orsena F. Smith ‎(I2725)‎
Birth April 1838 PA

Marriage: about 1878