Mary M  ‎(I2362)‎
Mary M

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: January 1864 NJ

Personal Facts and Details
Birth January 1864 NJ

Immigration 1864 parents were born in Heildelberg and Darmstadt, Germany

Marriage Lewis A. Howell - about 1894

Reference Number 2362
Reference Number Lewis A. Howell - 45251

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Immediate Family  (F958)
Lewis A. Howell
1868 -
Walter Howell
1895 -

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Close Relatives
Family with Lewis A. Howell
Lewis A. Howell ‎(I2463)‎
Birth July 1868 33 28 MD
-5 years

Mary M ‎(I2362)‎
Birth January 1864 NJ

Marriage: about 1894
2 years
Walter Howell ‎(I1742)‎
Birth December 1895 27 31 NJ