Clara Cobb  ‎(I2078)‎
Clara Cobb

Gender: FemaleFemale

Death: Alive in 1970

Personal Facts and Details
Marriage Eugene Gorton Holland - about 1943
Death Alive in 1970

Reference Number 2078
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Immediate Family  (F468)
Eugene Gorton Holland
1918 - 1970
Randal Holland
Eugene Holland Jr.

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Close Relatives
Family with Eugene Gorton Holland
Eugene Gorton Holland ‎(I924)‎
Birth 19 July 1918 38 36 Lima, Allen, Ohio
Death 5 October 1970 ‎(Age 52)‎ Summit, Union, NJ
Clara Cobb ‎(I2078)‎
Death Alive in 1970

Marriage: about 1943
Randal Holland ‎(I2079)‎
Death alive NYC in 1970
Eugene Holland Jr. ‎(I2080)‎
Death alive NYC in 1970