Jane Crawford  ‎(I1305)‎
Jane Crawford

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: 1633 VA

Personal Facts and Details
Birth 1633 VA

Reference Number 1305
Reference Number David Crawford Esq - 2638

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Immediate Family  (F603)
David Crawford Esq
1625 -
Elizabeth Crawford
1671 -

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Close Relatives
Family with David Crawford Esq
David Crawford Esq ‎(I1310)‎
Birth 1625 Assasquin, New Kent County, VA
Death killed by Indians
8 years

Jane Crawford ‎(I1305)‎
Birth 1633 VA
Elizabeth Crawford ‎(I531)‎
Birth 1671 46 38 Assasquin, New Kent County, VA