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William Davis DNA Family Tree

27 August 2014 - 7:04:51pm

On This Day ...
Clark, Henry Clay Henry Clay27 August 1844170Birth 
Crandall, William William27 August 1868146Death 
Davis, Annie M. Annie M.27 August 1838176Birth 
Davis, Charles Otto Charles Otto27 August 195262Death 
Davis, Ethan Ethan27 August 1889125Death 
Davis, George Franklin George Franklin27 August 1867147Birth 
Davis, Jesse D. Jesse D.27 August 1901113Death 
Davis, Joseph Jr. Joseph Jr.27 August 1760254Birth 
Davis, Lee Clark
Moore, Lena Elizabeth
Lee Clark27 August 191995Marriage 
Davis, Ora James Ora James27 August 1861153Birth 
Davis, Owen Owen27 August 1904110Death 
Davis, Salathiel
Backus, Almeda E.
Salathiel27 August 1868146Marriage 
Davis, William Lemuel William Lemuel27 August 194668Death 
Ruxton, Nellie Gordon Nellie Gordon27 August 1883131Birth 
Williams, Nellie Gertrude Nellie Gertrude27 August 196648Death 

Total events: 15
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