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Thomas Gorton ‎(I656)‎
Birth about 1560 Addington, England
Burial husbandman, farmer in Addington in 1581
Richard Gorton ‎(I758)‎
Birth before 1540 of Warwick and Winwick in 1581
Death Will in Chester 1587
Nicholas Gorton ‎(I763)‎
Death died young
Adam Gorton ‎(I764)‎
Birth Council at Droysdale 1607
Death Will recorded: 1627
William Gorton ‎(I765)‎
Birth Gorton Parish, Lancaster County
Burial Will in Chester 1588, witness to will in 1542, and 1555 in Co of Warwick

Family Group Information   (F388)
Reference Number 3152